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2018 White Paper SAMCo – all

Background Articles

Trump’s $1 trillion plan inpires “Hunger Games” angst

Funding Principles

365 Days Memo Sep 2017

AASHTO Journal – January 5, 2018 – Groups Urge Infrastructure Plan That Maintains, Strengthens Current Investment System

AASHTO Journal – January 5, 2018 – Wright_ AASHTO Waiting for Infrastructure Plan, Sees Need for New Federal Funding

AASHTO Journal – January 12, 2018 – House ‘Problem Solvers’ Call for Fixing Highway Trust Fund for Long Term

Bipartisan group of lawmakers offers ideas for infrastructure plan _ TheHill

Chamber to Push for Gas Tax Hike for Road and Bridge Upgrades – Bloomberg

Democrats to Trump on infrastructure_ Show us the money – POLITICO

Here’s How the U.S. Chamber Would Rebuild and Modernize America’s Infrastructure _ U.S

FW Cornyn Warner Bill Would Ensure Access to Additional Infrastructure Projects Through Public-Private Partnerships

Mixed signals on infrastructure plan emerge from Trump retreat – The Washington Post

Texans in Congress want earmarks to boost Houston road, flood projects – Houston Chronicle

Trump Infrastructure Plan Better Offer Sustainable Revenue, State DOTs Warn _ Transport Topics

Trump Infrastructure Plan Will Limit Regulations, DOT Exec Says _ Transport Topics

Trump’s infrastructure plan may slip to next month _ TheHill

Van Hollen says Dems could play ball on infrastructure _ TheHill

White House can’t guarantee infrastructure plan by SOTU – CNNPolitics

Why Trump’s Infrastructure Push Might Stall Again – Bloomberg

Chamber makes case for gas tax increase to fund infrastructure _ TheHill